New Year Day History.

In Christianity, under which the Gregorian calendar has evolved, the New Year is traditionally the festival of the circumcision of Christ, always followed as such by the Anglican Church and the Lutheran Church.
Mesopotamia (Iraq) introduced the concept of New Year celebration in 2000 BC. Ein and celebrated the new year at the time of the vernal equinox in mid-March. [4] [5] The first Roman calendar marks March 1st as New Year’s Day. The calendar was only ten months old and started in March. The fact that the new year started once in March is still reflected in some of the names of the months. From September to December, from the ninth to the twelfth month, they were originally between the seventh and the tenth month. (Septem in Latin means “seven”, octo, “eight”, novem, “nine” and December “ten”). The Roman legend generally attributes to his second king Numa the foundation of the months of January and February. These were placed for the first time at the end of the year, but the first two months were taken into account.

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The Kalenden of January (Latin: Kalendae Ianuariae) was celebrated as new year, after 153 years BC. The day of the inauguration of the new consuls was. The Romans had long and not consecutively dated their years in these consortia, and the January Kalenden began the new year by adapting that date. Nevertheless, private and religious celebrations around the new year of March have been going on for some time and there is no consensus on the question of the time allotted to the new state on 1 January. [6] As soon as the New Year arrived, it became a good time for family reunions and celebrations. A series of disasters, including the failure of the uprising of Mr. Aemilius Lepidus in 78 a. C., establishes a superstition which was to bring down the market days of Rome on the days of January, and the popes use intercalation to prevent it. [7] [8]

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In 567, the Council of Tours officially abolished the 1st of January at the beginning of the year. Many times and in different places of medieval Christian Europe, the New Year was celebrated on December 25 in honor of the birth of Jesus. March 1st in the old Roman style; March 25 in honor of the day of the woman and the feast of the Annunciation; and Easter holidays. These days were also significant from an astronomical and astrological point of view, since March 25th was considered the vernal equinox at the time of the Julian reform and December 25th as the winter solstice. (The slight disagreement between the Julian calendar and the solar year, howe

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ver, changed in the days leading up to the Council of Nicaea, which was the basis of the calculations used in the Gregorian calendar reform.) Medieval calendars often continued to indicate month since January December, although its readers enjoy the transition from one year to another another day.

Among the pagans of the seventh century in Flanders and the Netherlands, it was customary to exchange gifts on the first day of the new year. San Eligio (deceased in 659 or 660) cried this custom and warned the Flemish and the Dutch: “No, do not make small animals, small deer or Iotticos or tables [for the house]. the puck] at night or exchanging New Year’s gifts or surplus drinks [another Christmas custom]. “[9] On the day of the New Year’s celebration by European Christians, they exchanged.

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Christmas presents for the New Year in the Christian liturgical calendar of Western Christians in the twelve days. Lay people of Christmas; [10] The custom of exchanging Christmas gifts in the Christian context goes back to the biblical magicians who gave gifts to the baby Jesus. [11] [12]

Because of the leap year error in the Julian calendar, the date of Easter had decreased since the First Council of Nicaea had decided to calculate the date of Easter in the year 325. In the 16th century, the deviation of observed equinox was unacceptable. In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII declared that the Gregorian calendar was widely used today and corrected the error by eliminating it for 10 days. The reform of the Gregorian calendar was also restored on January 1, New Year’s Day. Although most Catholic countries adopted the Gregorian calendar almost immediately, it was gradually taken over by the Protestant countries. For example, the British only adopted the Reform calendar in 1752. Until then, the British Empire and its American colonies celebrated the New Year on March 25th.

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. pted January 1, just before their adoption, on New Year’s Day


When Dewan Sardar Sujansingh, the princely state of Deoghar, was old, he remembered the divine. Maharaj went down, said Dinabandhu! It had served the Lord for forty years, now my condition has fallen, there is no more power to handle the rule. If there is an error, there are spots in old age. Find the right name for all life on the ground.

King Saheb had great respect for his experienced politician, Diwan. He explained a lot, but when Diwan Sahib did not accept, he accepted his prayer and accepted the condition, but the condition was that the new couch had to find him for the principality.

On the second day, in the famous letters of the country, it appeared that Devgad needed a decent couch. The worthy Lord who understands the work and is serving the current government of Sujansinh. They do not have to be graduates, but it is necessary to be in good health, it is not necessary to torture the Madangi patient. A month of lifestyle will be taken into account for the ethics of the candidates. Less knowledge, but duty is more taken into account. The Monsières who finish this examination will be dressed in this high position.

This announcement was made by Tehelka in all countries. Such a position and no form of imprisonment? Only luck is the game. Hundreds of men started walking to check their own destiny. There are new and colorful men in Devgarh. Candidates come from a train at each fair. Someone came from Punjab, no one from Madras, a new friend of fashion, was exterminated in an old simplicity. Experts and religious also had the opportunity to prove their own destiny. The poor always cried for the name of the letter, there was no need to do it. The colorful amatyams, chewing clothes, and girls’ tunics and kantop types have begun to show off their decoration in Deogarh. However, the special issue was that of the graduates, because even if the Sanad is not imprisoned, the curtain is still covered by the letter.

Sardar Sujansingh had shown great respect for these great privileges. People have told the days of the month like the famous Muslims sitting in their rooms. Every man has tried to show his life according to his wisdom. MN slept at nine o’clock, when he visited the garden and saw Usha. Min B was hooked on narghiles these days, the night was closed and the cigar was drinking in the dark. The S and the H had remained stuck in the noses of the servants of their house, but these gentlemen did not speak today with the servants without “A” and “Janab”. Sir was an atheist, a worshiper of Huxley, but today the priest of the temple was skeptical of being deprived of his piety. Min L hates the book, but today they have immersed themselves in reading and reading great lyrics. Speaking, he was known as the god of humility and virtuosity. Sharma read the Ved Mantra of the night and Maulvi Saheb had no other job than Namaj and Talaver. People thought there was a bite of a month, which was asked if the work was proven, but the old man’s husband was sitting on the barricade, watching the swan where the swan is hidden.

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One day, the new fashionistas learned that there was a hockey game. This offer was presented by hockey players. It’s also a science. Why hide it? Some hands may only clean their hands. Decide, the field is over, the game has started and the ball begins to stumble as a handicap in the office.

This game was very different in the state of Deogarh. Educated Bhaymanas played serious games like chess and cards. Racing games were considered children’s games.

The game was launched with great enthusiasm. When the people in the Winks took the ball and flew fast, it seemed like a wave was continuing to develop. The players on the other hand stopped this rising wave as if the iron wall was iron.

This afternoon was a pump. People are sweaty. The heat of the blood shone with the eyes and the face. Huff-Boogs gasped, but the decision of defeat was impossible.

He had become darker. There was a stream far from this field. There was no bridge on him. The pilgrims had to cross the gutters. The game was closed and the players were sitting on the ground, a peasant full of cereals in the ditch came, but some were covered with mud on the Mallah and part of his climb was so high that the car could not climb. He never challenged the cops and sometimes squeezed the wheels with his hand, but the load was heavy and the bull became weaker. If the car does not go up and down, it can reach a certain distance